Google Dropped Bing Discover Pages From Index But Was There Traffic Drop?

  •   December 24, 2019

The SEO community is buzzing about how Google seems to have removed Bing’s Discover section from the Google search results index. Edd Wilson tweeted about it on July 4th and then several sites picked it up. Bing Discover is a portal on that had a lot of Google referral traffic.

Here is the tweet:

Now, the issue was something I mentioned back in April when I linked to How Bing Discovery “Steals” Organic Traffic from Google Search from Roey Skif.

So either Google decided this was a bad search experience and dropped the pages or something else is going on?

When I tested some queries out to see if there was a huge shift in traffic for those types of queries to Bing, I noticed that while was no longer ranking in Google and the page were removed, that it was replaced. Instead, is ranking in its place.

Let’s look at the SEMRush charts…. visibility drop (click to enlarge):

click for full size visibility increase (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Overlay the two together and what do you get (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Bing is 302 redirecting to For example, when you click from the Google search results on a keyword ranking that shows, it will redirect you to Here is the output of one 302 redirect to

So you have this ranking in Google:

click for full size

But Bing Discover is no where to be found:

click for full size

So what is going on here? Any thoughts?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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