Google Dictionary Search Results Add Images

  •   November 20, 2019

It looks like Google is starting to add images in its dictionary results in order to not just define a word but also show in photos what that word means. You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, I guess this is Google going by that.

If you do a search for [slum] in Google search, Google will not only translate it but also show you photos of what a slum looks like. Here are screen shots:

click for full size

This was spotted by Saad AK and sent to me on Twitter.

It works for other definitions, like [define flowers], [define mirror], [define apple] and many more, but not all, such as [strong], [define fat] or [define beautiful] and others.

Can you imagine photobombing some definitions with people’s photos?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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