Google Coverage Report Now Back Up-To-Date

  •   September 15, 2020

Yesterday we reported for the second time that the Google Search Console coverage report was super delayed, over 14-days. Well, this morning, it looks like all is fixed. I am seeing data as recent as a couple of days ago.

Here is a screen shot of the report that now shows me data through September 13, 2020, not August 31, 2020:

click for full size

Google has not yet announced it is fixed, in fact, there is still a label at the top that says it was broken, that links to here and says “An internal systems error caused a delay in processing index coverage information. No data has been lost, and the report will show accurate data after processing is complete.”

But it does seem to be fixed. So have at it and check your data.

This seems to have been resolved before 4am ET this morning. Nishu Kadian shared this with me around then on Twitter.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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