Google Ads Overview Page Filters & Bidding Maximize Conversion Value

  •   April 25, 2020

Google Ads adds features all the time, I don’t cover them all but two ones I want to highlight are a new bidding strategy named maximize conversion value and new filter options on the overview page that both launched this week.

Filters On Overview Page

This new feature should help people do things faster because you can filter the reports right on the overview page now. You can now you can filter the Overview page by:

  • Device
  • Campaign
  • Campaign type
  • Campaign status
  • Ad group
  • Ad group status

Here is a screen shot:

click for full size

Smart Bidding Strategy Named Maximize Conversion Value

Google launched Maximize conversion value, which is an automated bidding strategy to help you maximize the total conversion value of your campaign within your specified budget. You can use Maximize conversion value for all Search campaigns right now if you want. To get started, you’ll want to set conversion values for your conversion types or use transaction-specific values, Google said.

Here is a screen shot:

Forum discussion at Google Ads Help.

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