Give Google Feedback On The Future Of The Disavow Link Tool

  •   December 30, 2019

Last week we reported that Google is still undecided on the future of the disavow link tool. This came up on Reddit and John Mueller from Google asked Reddit users for feedback on how they see the future version of the disavow link tool would look like in the new Google Search Console.

Just to catch you up, John said the other week “We don’t have any plans announced for that yet” in regards to if/when the disavow link tool will be migrated. John then had to explain on Reddit that this doesn’t mean the tool is going away, it is just undecided at the moment. John said on Reddit:

There are some features we clearly decided not to keep, which are already removed (like HTML suggestions). For the rest, not having an announced plan doesn’t mean anything. Once we have something to announce about any particular feature or functionality, we’ll announce it :).

In general, I think there’s room to rethink some of the workflows from the old Search Console. So even when we migrate a functionality, it might not be exactly the same as before, but still enable users to do something equivalent. For example, the crawl errors have gone away in favor of the new index coverage report — it’s not the same (and I understand that not everyone like change), but it does help you discover issues that are affecting your site’s indexing.

How would *you* see the disavow links functionality? How would you see it in the new Search Console? Do you still find it important?

So tell John on Reddit how you’d like to see how it works in the new Google Search Console.

Forum discussion at Reddit.

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