Fun: Google My Business Support Tries To Help Danny Sullivan.

  •   January 15, 2020

You know how when someone asks one Googler a question and that Google doesn’t know the answer, so they CC another to help. Well, sometimes Googlers don’t know Googlers and the get confused. Here is Danny Sullivan, a Googler, CCing Google My Business support to help a business.

What you see next is that Google My Business support responds as if Danny needs help, when he doesn’t. It looks like an automated response?

The request for help by a business owner:

Danny copies in Google My Business to help and then Google My Business offers to send a DM to Danny:

This seems kind of automated because this happened to me as well. I looped in Google in the past, this specific account, for one reason or another, and Google responded asking if I need help. I do need help but not from Google My Business.

This is just funny and I thought you’d like to smile this morning.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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