Forrester announces a new Customer Experience Cloud, plus two acquisitions to power it

  •   July 11, 2018
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Research firm Forrester is announcing this week that it is evolving its CX (customer experience) Index into a real-time CX Cloud, propelled by two acquisitions also unveiled today.

One of the new purchases is FeedbackNow, which makes physical buttons and accompanying monitoring software to assess customer experience. Its Smiley Boxes populate airports, hotels and other public-facing establishments, initially in Europe but now entering the US market.

When walking through an airport terminal, for instance, an airline customer might see such a physical box with its request to give a quick vote on overall airport experience: a green button for “good,” a red button for “bad,” and a yellow button for “neutral.” FeedbackNow’s backend software assesses responses based on related factors, such as time of day, location or sequences of negative responses.

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