Expand Your Advertising Efforts with Native

  •   July 24, 2019

Are you looking to expand your advertising efforts, and aren’t sure where to turn? Native, in combination with your PPC efforts, may be the way to boost your funnel and supercharge your ROI. Native advertising is an excellent indicator of brand awareness because it cuts through the noise and plays a strong role of planting the seed with your audience. A wonderful segway into PPC efforts that push users down your funnel to conversion.

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In this webinar, Taboola’s Mike Gifis and Hanapin’s Andrew Harder will show you how you can marry your native and search efforts, and help you understand how you can use campaigns tailored toward upper funnel goals and drive bottom funnel goals.

You’ll learn:

  • How native can help grow your remarketing lists, prospecting, increase ROAS, etc
  • How to navigate goal setting in different verticals
  • What creative performs well for native advertising

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