Attend as a team. Grow as a team.

  •   February 27, 2020


We offer a 10-15% discount for groups that want to attend Hero Conf together. That applies to Austin or London!

But why?

Our company gets more value from sending our paid media team to conferences in groups compared to sending solo attendees. We want you to be able to get that same value, without breaking the bank!

Compared to when we send individual team members, we see that our team is far more likely to share takeaways and implement learnings when they return to the office after attending a conference as a group.

You might be thinking, “well, that’s just how your team works.”

However, Hero Conf 2018’s attendance stats show that other companies also commit to sending teams

  • 66% of attendees came as at least a pair, if not a team of 3+. 
  • 37% of attendees brought a group of 3+
  • Over 15% joined the conference with four or more colleagues. 

Why stop there when you can bring your whole team, which is exactly what two companies did! Not to mention you’ll save big the more you bring.

Below are the savings you can expect if you register your group now before our last £975 tickets sell out.

group registration rates

We hope to see you and your team at Hero Conf London, 21-22 October!

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