Are Google Mobile Searches Now 65% Of All Searches

  •   March 7, 2020

Greg Sterling was at the Engage conference last week and tweeted that a Google representative said that 65% of all searches are mobile. He didn’t say which Googler said this, it doesn’t seem to have been confirmed to have been said and I have not seen a Googler say this before.

Here is Greg’s tweet:

In 2015, over 50% of all searches were done on mobile according to Google. But since then, Google has not shared an update to this metric.

Could it be at 65%? I suspect so – I mean, this is 4 years later now. Some thing 65% would be too low.

I do wish Google would go on record what the percentage of mobile searches are, compared to desktop and even voice. It would be a nice metric to hear from Google on the record.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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