Amazon’s new “Counter” service lets customers pick up packages in staffed retail locations

  •   November 30, 2019

Amazon announced on Thursday the launch of Counter, a new network of staffed pickup points at which customers can retrieve their Amazon packages.

A service of Amazon Hub, Counter is now available as a delivery option to more than a hundred Rite Aid stores across the U.S., with plans to expand to 1,500 Counter locations by the end of the year.

Similar to Amazon Locker’s self-service pickup kiosks, delivery to a Counter location is available to customers at no additional cost and works for same-day, one-day, two-day and standard shipping options.

Why we should care

Amazon Counter marks another initiative in the company’s continued efforts to provide customers with more access points at physical locations — by piggybacking on other retailers’ existing location networks.

Counter helps address the problem that many people aren’t able to receive packages securely at their homes or apartments. For Amazon sellers, the pickup options could result in more frequent and consistent purchases from customers who don’t have to worry as much about their packages being stolen. For Rite Aid, and other eventual retail partners, Counter customers are likely to make additional purchases when they pickup their packages.

“Creating a seamless, convenient customer experience is a key element of our strategy and digital transformation,” said Jocelyn Konrad, executive vice president of pharmacy and retail operations of Rite Aid.

“Being the first store partner for Counter in the U.S. is a differentiator for Rite Aid,” she said, adding that the Amazon partnership “creates a stronger in-store experience for existing customers and new customers that come in to pick up their packages.”

More on the news

  • After proceeding to Amazon’s shipping confirmation page, customers will have the option to ship to a Counter pickup location within their zip code. Customers have up to 14 days to collect their package.
  • Originally launched in the UK and Italy, Counter has been met with positive reception, according to Amazon, and has bolstered customer engagement and additional foot traffic for partners.
  • Amazon is actively seeking additional store partners for Counter, including small to midsize businesses and other large chains.