A Google Leak? Google News 4,000 Submissions Per Month, Web Spam Works With News Spam, Blacklists & Fridgy Search

  •   April 10, 2020

There is a lot of talk around Project Veritas – of course, hard to know for sure if the documents “leaked” are real or not but even if they are real, there was nothing that “shocking” to me as The Next Web highlights well in this article on it. Note, everything I am publishing below is sourced from that article.

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me tweet some highlights from that “leak” on Friday. In short, I shared four things out of many many leaked documents:

(1) Google News gets about 4,000 applications per month and Google accepts only about 18-25% of those.

(2) Google’s web spam team may feed the manual actions from its database to the Google News team.

(3) Google Discover may have a blacklist of sites not allowed to show up in Google Discover.

(4) Google has a term named “fridgy search” which is interesting.

Here are my tweets with the documents:

Honestly, the Google News submissions is a lot more than I expected.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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